Sean Smith

Hi I'm Sean Smith

I'm a computer science major at Boston University. I'm currently working at Amazon as a software development intern on the AWS Marketplace team. Last summer I worked at athenahealth and before that I worked at ActivePrime. Check out my resume, or the interesting projects I've worked on. The code I've written is all on github.

I sometimes write down my thoughts here.

If you are sufficiently impressed you can contact me.

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I'm based in San Francisco but I go to school in Boston. I travel around to hackathons in the New England area. Checkout what I built at Hack MIT, Hack@Brown, and Make BU


I build web apps that do cool stuff. My latest project was a prediction algorithm that scraped the web to find sentiment levels towards bitcoin and then predicted the price of bitcoin.


I love technology in all its forms. You can see some of the Arduino projects I'm working on here. I love making my code work on new platforms, checkout the drone I just built. Checkout the kickstarter for the Autonomous boat that we raised money for and built.